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Costa Rica Girl’s Trip: Pura Vida

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

If you ever needed a sign to take a girls trip. Here it is. Costa Rica was nothing short of amazing and it was incredible to see a whole community come together to give us the best experience!

From the perfect weather to the amazing hospitality, I don’t know of a better way to have a girls trip. Although I have so much to say about the experience, I thought I’d keep it short and highlight the pieces that would be valuable for you.

“...everyone was eager to have us. That’s what I think made this the most beautiful stay that I was so grateful for.”

Here’s everything regarding our trip deets:


Pura Vida House - click to view

The cadence when you open the double doors to this villa... say less.

-Private pool, beach access, 2 outdoor showers, 6 bedrooms (can hold 16), 2 kitchens, chefs quarters behind the left side, access to private beach clubs, golf carts to get around, gated (twice), shuttle to take us wherever we needed but was scheduled for our itinerary.


•Yoga session: @betterbylau - she came to the villa and gave us an 8am session! I apologize Lau, if that’s the most ratchet session youve taught.😂

•Massages: Sea Escapes - came to the villa and gave us the most incredible massages. I got deep tissue. Damaris did the damn thing.

•Sunset horseback riding



Lola’s: Back story - The owner was a Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret models shot here!

-They provided the surfing and horseback riding! They also have the cutest pig Ana, beautiful aesthetics, hammocks, and even a horse & donkey that you can take pictures in the ocean with.

Coco Loco - they were incredible! Flamingo Beach is beautiful and we got really great reels and photos here. They brought out the best food. My favorite part was probably the volcanic rock where I was able to keep cooking my food if I desired!

Vida Bowls: Who doesn’t love those fruity colorful açaí bowls. I was happy to find one away from home!

•Mita! We can’t forget our amazing villa private chef. She cooks healthy, gluten free, and caters to all of our dietary restrictions and allergies.



•Zip lining

•Hot springs

•Mud baths

•Water rafting (we chose not to do rafting since we couldn’t really grab content of that. We just decided to have more time capturing the other activities).

I know I said I’d keep it short, so that’s a wrap on the important info! But, here are some extras if you’d like.

*Security, groceries, etc.*

SECURITY - my biggest concern

As a professional cheerleader, security is something we’re pretty used to having and we’re definitely prone to stalkers. Considering the same for influencers, I always bring up security when it comes to travels and ensuring all of our safety.

  1. Do not let someone offer to grab your bags at the airport, or they’ll try and charge you. (Thanks owners Mani & Sindy for the heads up!)

  2. Ensure the details of the driver ahead of time! They’re quick. I almost walked into another shuttle. I was communicating with the owner and checking to make sure it was the right person before getting in. They asked “who are you looking for?” I was like uh hold up “no who are YOU?”. Anyone can say they’re the name of the person you say you’re looking for. The names didn’t match.🙃 But, my guy wasn’t far.

3. There were 2 gates to get into our villa, just like in Mexico!


I went grocery shopping for the girls to pick up the must haves: tequila, fruit, almond milk, spinach, margarita mix, chasers, extra breakfast items/snacks. I brought sponsored wine & champagne (thanks Wine O’Clock!). We received one meal a day from private chef (usually dinner, but breakfast twice), and then a partnered restaurant each day for another meal. We brought protein for shakes as well. I actually love the villa vibe way more than a resort.

Grocery store: everything is in Spanish. It’s hard to find what you need in the Walmart. They have like no body wash (only bar soap), so I passed it like 3 times. Weird situations like finding a multitude of cream cheeses, so I thought to get bagels for the girls, but then they didn’t sell bagels??🙃 Croissants it is. A lot of running back and forth that made what I thought would be a 20 minute trip into an hour. Oh, and the alcohol prices at the airport liquor store are cheaper than Walmart’s. You’re welcome. (The only 2 shopping options known to me were Walmart or the grocery store.)

May I warn you, I don’t know what’s in that local tequila I purchased. It was cheaper than Patron and highly rated (yass for supporting local), but I do not completely remember all of the conversations I had when FaceTiming, for some reason, all of my exs and 3 sides by night #2.🙃

*Also, all of the prices are in Costa Rican colón, so good luck walking around with your phone trying to google convert prices. But they do take USD!*

One thing I noticed was that everyone in the community was eager to have us. That’s what I think made this the most beautiful stay that I was so grateful for. Everyone actually arrives a little early (we were the late ones), and all prepared to make things happen! #puravida


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