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DC: But Make It Fashion

Strut, Stroll, or Slip? Let’s talk about it #fashun #runway

Please don’t fall please don’t fall please don’t fall.

Haha as an audience member, this is one of your main thoughts as you watch the show. You hope they slay, and when they do, you rejoice. There were a few specific models that KILLED it, and the audience remembered them every time. Shoutout to fan fav Brandon.✨ Now, as for my female audience, they couldn’t get enough of José.

This year was the 35th DCFW. Amazing. The show was hosted by Miss DC USA Sasha Perea who is a beautiful Colombian that kept the show together through anything thrown at her. I just needed to give her a shoutout. Also, we have our guy, Guy!! Guy Lambert is your favorite news personality, and he also slayed the hosting game.

Oh yeah, guess what?! Your girl had a little team this year! I just wanted to… do more than last time. I’ve never been super into materialistic stuff tbh, but lately I’ve wanted to step it up a notch. I’m so grateful for all of the people that made me feel stunning and stylish this year. Thank you guys! I’ll share all the deets below.

“Kris Jenner works hard, but Maria Trujillo works harder.”

Like any production, everything happens naturally. Nothing is edited, nothing will be perfect, and sometimes ish happens. But for the most part, DC Fashion Week was dope. Shoutout to Pagne PR who never gives less than 150% to their projects and clients. Kris Jenner works hard, but Maria Trujillo works harder.

Too Dressed to Be Stressed

Let’s jump right in.

Night 1: Networking Party🥂

Can we talk about how my friend KJ McRae originally wasn’t able to make it, his flight delayed, he HOPPED out the airport, arrived with a dramatic appearance, luggage in hand, and missed his flight back. That was my first time meeting him in person. Great first impression. Oh yeah, he also appeared in a couple of shows if you recognized his face.

Thanks to my girl Sierra Fox (your fav DC reporter) for attending all 4 nights with me! Taurus ♉️ + Virgo ♍️ energy is unmatched.

Also, Midori, America’s Next Top Model 2017 fan favorite.. a queen. I learned everything I know from that ONE modeling workshop she taught, and her presence lights up an entire room.

Outfit: Windsor Store

Ponytail: Insert Name Here (yes, that’s the brand name)

Night 2: Menswear Showcase 👔

I worked with a whole stylist y’all! My guy @anthonybolognese from Capitol Hill Clothiers styled me for the gawds. I’ve never been photographed by press so much in my life. This outfit may have been biggest hit!

Little Myles (the famous kid photographer) came back too! He’s shot a multitude of people, including those you’ve heard of before, like Saweetie herself. Also photographed: one of the models Grayson, and some other media friends from the second night! @thesierrafox @dcfashionfool @mattshagan

Night 3: Emerging Designers Showcase

Outfit theme: mami & me👭

Guest of the night: my mom! She killed it. She deserved a night out. We matched in braids (I had her do mine, she tried!) and jumpsuits.

This night, I saw some of my favorite designers. The chain vibe?? AMAZING. My post from this night + story highlights have the vids! @unchained_accessories

Generation Typo with the street style was also a fav!

Night 4 Finale: International Couture✨

Ok ok, so, this may have been the biggest style change of all 4 nights. Obviously, I went with a whole new look, and people didn’t even recognize me at first lol.

This last night had some really beautiful and elegant designs! Ramona Atlier Designs was my favorite. By night 4, Sierra and I were exhausted, so we actually left halfway through and grabbed Chipotle.🤪

Hair: Lustress Hair Co. - 30 inches!😍

Dress: Windsor Store

Overall, DCFW was a success. I had a great time and I’m hoping you guys did as well. See you all next season! xx


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