• Taylor Champ

A Healthy Lifestyle During COVID-19

Pretty crazy, right? Out of no where a pandemic hits and many of us were unprepared. How do we deal? Well for one, let’s start out by not buying 6 months worth of toilet paper. 🙃 I promise, 2 weeks worth for your family will do.

On the opposite of many hoarders, there’s been tons of givers. I love seeing the amount of businesses giving out free meals and services, because well, many people aren’t making money, therefore they aren’t able to spend, therefore our economy just.. let’s just say we’re working on strategizing. It’s time to be innovative and creative.

“Are you spending more time sitting at home worrying? Or planning, taking action, and taking the necessary steps to keep your life in order?”

Let’s start with how we can help ourselves as people first. Our mental health, stress levels, exercise, time with family, and staying connected. That’s what’s important. God gave us a chance to stop. The whole world was put to a cease, rest, reflect, and refocus.

Healthy Lifestyle

Our mental health is first and foremost. Pay attention to your body, your heart rate, what your thoughts are consumed of, and what you’ve been spending the most time doing. Are you spending more time sitting at home worrying? Or planning, taking action, and taking the necessary steps to keep your life in order? Also, check in on others! You never know how bad others are dealing with this and what they are going through.

Take time to relax, deep breathe, meditate, and exercise!

The gyms, yoga studios, and group exercise classes are closed. So what can you do while still staying quarantined?

If you don’t have a home gym, take walks! If the weather permits, walking is so refreshing, can help you get your thoughts together, and gives you workout so you won’t feel lazy (plus, it helps to get rid of that cabin fever). 1. Taking Walks

Bae and I have been taking walks almost every day, and we get to explore new trails and places in DC, pretty sights, and spend time growing closer together. Family walks can help everyone spend time together and exercise! I think everyone needs to get some energy released. After all, this is the one time you get to finally be home and spending time with your kids, whereas you would’ve been working and missing important moments otherwise. You never get that time back. Consider this a gift. This is what life should really be like. Spending time with people that matter the most, helping others, and enjoying life.

2. At-Home Workouts!

Because of everything being closed, many people are posting free workouts, free dance classes, free personal training. Some official classes & trainings you can pull up online for low cost if you maybe want something more structured or from a certain trainer/brand.

We found this cute couple that posted a couples workout video that we did for fun. Besides that, we have resistance bands and weights you can purchase online for in the home! Plus, tons of people have been having virtual dance parties and other fun activities! Staying socially connected is important, so continue to support, have fun with, and be there to listen to good friends! I also will be working with a brand soon to virtually test their workouts, and will provide you with their information when the time comes. (: #socialdistancing

Check my Instagram for the cute couples workout here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B92cgXShCYO/?igshid=ygrxvubucq4s

3. Meditation

It is so important that during this high-pressure time, we take control of our thoughts, deep breathe with our stomach (not our chest), speak positively to ourselves, distance ourselves from things that trigger us and refocus on peaceful thoughts, and pay attention to our mind & body. If you want to pair breathing with exercise and do yoga, there are online yoga classes. My friend Sid also has virtual yoga classes from his studio - listed below. (:

• Helpful guided #meditation online here: https://youtu.be/W8a3T8pI9Ns

• Sid from 4 Warriors Yoga: @sidneymcnairyiv - He’s also great just to talk to for guidance!

• Sid’s $10 virtual Yoga class: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/asp/main_enroll.asp?fl=true&tabID=8

4. Helping Others

Take my friend for example. She saw an elderly lady pull up to ther grocery store and said “Ma’am, do you want me to go grocery shopping for you? I really don’t think it’s safe for you to yourself” as she asked for her list and explained grocery delivery.

*Remember, many elderly people may not know about ordering online or even have the means to because, well, they may not have an iPhone or use the internet 🙃. Some may not even know that there are stores open extra early just for them to be able to shop before the rush! There’s a ton of elderly people who are unaware, so if we can help or educate them, do it. We can also take part in using more delivery services ourselves.

Additionally, if we do offer services or have a business, try giving discounts and free offers to those in need to spread the kindness. Plus, there’s just something about doing good for others that triggers Oxytocin and makes us feel good, opposing those “stress” hormones. So yes, everyone helping each other is actually keeping our Cortisol levels down a bit. Ah, the circle of reciprocity.

5. Staying Active

I don’t just mean physically, but being productive. We can only binge watch Netflix and pig out for so long (some maybe longer than others) lol. But, when we don’t meet a certain productivity level expectation we’ve set, we tend to start thinking and talking negatively to ourselves. We have so much time to organize, plan, and get our ish in order. Don’t forget, we still only have ONE life, and our time is still ticking.. we’re not literally sitting and waiting for #Coronavirus to be over, because by the looks of things, nothing is going back to exactly how they were. (Check this blog to understand: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/03/24/restaurants-closed-by-coronavirus-wont-reopen-without-economic-assistance/) . So what’s your plan? What are you doing with life in this moment?

Whatever it is that you love to do, but didn’t have time to do before, start! Whether that’s writing, photography, learning a new instrument, learning a new language, developing an app, designing, painting or other artistry, music, working out more, organizing, training your child in something new, a game plan for your business, reading a new book, developing your website or social media content, or for some, creating TikToks lol. I’m not judging, I’m the same. My #TikTok is streaming over 625,000 views at the moment and their algorithm gives the most visibility! Whatever it is you want to do, the time is now.

Feel free to comment below how you’ve been staying sane during COVID-19!

For feedback and suggestions, please reach out to me in my “About Me“ form! (: