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Wanna Getaway, Baby Let Me Be Your Vacation

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

My boyfriend and I spent the weekend at Getaway House. Let me tell you, there is A LOT that you guys can do with a tiny modern cabin. With Getaway, they’ve got everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Let me start out by saying this, I am NOT a nature gal. Let me repeat that.. Unless we are visiting a beautiful oceanside, walking through wild jungles, roaming Egyptian pyramids, mud jeeps through Punta Cana, observing a desert safari, or anything else that gives me a life changing experience (or possibly slightly boujee), you won’t catch me camping, sis. But, this is a happy medium for those willing to go glamping.

“nothing to do but hike, read, have fun by the campfire, take cute content, listen to music, and... intimacy. Lots and lots of intimacy.”

I thank God for my beautiful man who just so happened to fight a war in Iraq, so one might be able to say... conditions like these were ever so mild. In fact, he LOVED it. My boyfriend was so happy to stay at Getaway as a birthday gift, he hopped right in to getting the fire started, moving all of our belongings in, and taking LOTS of pictures.

There’s Good News & Bad News

Bad News - Our photographers never showed up. Not even the 2nd and 3rd backup. I’m super professional and always deliver for my brand partnerships, so of course, this was super disheartening to me. At one point we drove 35 minutes to the nearest Best Buy to get a ring light so that we could to do the most with what we have! That’s just bae going above & beyond like normal. Side note: With Kobe Bryant passing as we were driving to the location (R.I.P. to a legend), it was one weird vibe to start the weekend. Almost as if it didn’t feel right to have a good time, but we still enjoyed it while praying for the families of the lives lost.

Good News - We are one happy couple that can make the most out of a cardboard box. We had a blast. Picture this: two lovebirds mid-twenties, locked away in a glamping cabin... nothing to do but hike, read, have fun by the campfire, take cute content, listen to music, and... intimacy. Lots and lots of intimacy. You really get to know each other on a deeper level in a small space with no distractions. There’s just something relaxing about knowing you’ll never get contacted or distracted by friends, options of going out, work, or anything social.

Let me get right to it. Necessities. What Getaway House provides, and what you need to bring with you.

Getaway Provides:

-Bed + Bedding

-Sink + Dishes (cups and plates)

-Bathroom - Shower/Toilet (no sink)

-Mini Fridge

-Stove Top

-Campfire Pit

-Camping Wood (I think for purchase but everything is under $10)




-Heat/AC - we went in winter and it was soooo cozy & heated up so fast because it’s such a small space!

-Stereo - that I believe connects to Bluetooth although we brought our own just in case


-Big window next to bed, little windows in front of bed, in front of the kitchen sink, and in the bathroom. All windows have blinds.

-They require not to make too much noise and a few other rules listed.

-They have some snacks and stuff there that you can purchase.

What to bring (if you’d like):

-A Mirror! There are 0 inside.


-Little Christmas/room lights for added ambiance

-Your own food if you’d like to cook real meals and have your own snacks! They gave us complimentary s’mores, but I’m not sure if they do that for everyone! We made spinach grilled cheese, omelettes, roasted potatoes, salmon, asparagus, and meat for him. Oh! And lots of s’mores since we now had double the ingredients.

-Yoga mat if you plan to do indoor exercise

-A dog or extra person if you get scared easily lol. Some people love the quiet, but it was too quiet for us at night, so we played white noise while we slept.

-There could be a possibility that the firewood they provide may be a little wet, so bae explained kindling - find little sticks that break easily, meaning they’re dry and don’t really bend, and put those in the pit to keep the fire going.

Here’s the link to book your Getaway stay:


Use “TCHAMP25“ for $25 off your first booking!

Link to our YouTube at Getaway:


Thanks for over 83k views on our Getaway TikTok! (: (Of course the sound is gone because they’ve been having that problem lately).


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