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Why I Started Golfing: Passion, Television, Diversity, and Social Media

Every day I’m asked how I got into golf. Truth is, I’ve played since I was little (with an 11 year break). That’s right, little Taylor Woods in the flesh. Lol jk. But I promise you, it is not easy getting back into it.

Okay so a “passion” for golf is a bit of a stretch, if we’re talking naturally… I didnt watch golf shows, attend tournaments, or practice. In fact, I didn’t look at my clubs for 11 years. It wasn’t until I picked up my club for a practice swing that I realized my excitement for the thought of going back to the golf course. It was random, but cute.

“…ended, I had no social media partnerships, and it was driving me crazy not doing anything as I “could be flown out at any time”.”

Did you guys know I was approached for 11 different TV shows this year? I’d say half of my life lately no one really knows about.

Waiting Game

Okay so yes, I was approached like any other millennial that actually uses their social media. Am I actually on a show? No. Not now at least. I actually dont know if I ever will, but I just let God lead me and I’m following. You know? One thing I do know is that I don’t think I’d put my whole life on pause for 2-3 months, miss 2 international travels, and stop all collaborations again for a show that may not end up working out. So, because I’m type A, I needed to do something during this waiting game, and voila, golf enters the chat.

Cheerleading ended, I had no social media partnerships, and it was driving me crazy not doing anything as I “could be flown out at any time”. During this time, it was also Father’s Day. This is really how golf became the choice activity. My grandfather, Ernie, passed away 11 years ago and my grandmother and I haven’t golfed since.

(My grandmother just found their lessons on DVD! I was also there, on the golf cart, evaluating and critiquing at like age 10.)

“Why don’t we just do it. Let’s go golfing”, I insisted. I still had my clubs (for teens but I havent grown), no appropriate attire but apparently times have changed, and not a lick of practice. My grandmother advised how I cannot just “go golf”, but “you need to go to the range first and get your swing together”. Oh, tbh, I remember nothing. But, I took a few practice swings and said “Ok, I’m ready!”. This optimism is what gets me really anywhere in life lol.

Now that I look back, I wasn’t the best that day, but I was hitting them! And to me, since I didn’t remember what was good or bad, I thought I did pretty well. I was ready for the course regardless if it was ready for me. Golf was the new challenge I needed, has longevity, and within the first time back, I re-fell in love. With golf, chill.

Diversity & Social Media

Well, there’s not much to this one. We already know the history of golf and stereotypical player. Regardless of the well known Tiger Woods. A woman, let alone a black woman in golf, is almost like being a unicorn. Turns out, if you look hard enough on social media, golf really is becoming more diverse, but media just needs to show them more. Luckily for me, within 3 posts golfing, the partnerships started to happen. I’m very blessed for that.

I realized with my natural muscles, maybe it means I really am supposed to be an athlete. One of the reasons I wanted to go pro in cheerleading for so long, is to be that representation minority youth need. Showing little black girls that they can do it, that they can see themselves. And I was happy to have felt like I’ve done my purpose with that. I also realized that God has a funny way of making events take place in your life, just for others to happen, at the exact time he needs. I realized His timing and what was happening as the brands, pro golfers, and courses started to follow and reach out. Golf started happening before I tried to make it happen. That’s how you know it’s right.

I will say, I was a little sad seeing the lack of diversity in golf social media. But, I was glad to see the industry reaching out, because it meant they wanted to be inclusive. As I was getting ready for my first lesson, I thought to myself, maybe it didn’t end with cheerleading, maybe that was just the beginning.

Thank you so much for reading. I cant wait to continue this journey and am happy you joined along the way. (:


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